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Class of 2026' Is Making Noise!!

The Good Nrgy class of 2026' AAU team led by Cardinal Hayes freshman Head Coach G. Colds, are on the verge of a break out year. Since the summer, these group of boys have been handing out losses, even to some of the top programs in the city and seemingly doing it with ease. With the team only being contructed a mere three months ago, the boys have quickly gelled and bought into the system and philosophies of the team under the tutelage of Coach G.

Amare Snipes | ZG Battle For The Ring 22' MVP

The most enjoyable thing to watch is how much fun they are having out there. Their passion and love for the game and each other is on full display during games. This team is also stacked with talent. From high IQ guards, knock down mid range and 3pt shooters, high level defenders and bigs any program would die for in this class. Stay tuned for more on this class.

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