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Good NRGY Basketball is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides a year-round comprehensive program for youth athletes that focuses not only on basketball, but on the emotional and mental health, as well as the communal and civic engagement of all participants. Cost and access is the #1 barrier keeping kids from participating in youth sports in NYC. Together, with your help we can change this problem by strategically focusing on enriching the lives of our youth from low-income backgrounds and neighborhoods.

“Every kid is one adult away from being successful.

Good Nrgy's goal is rooted on bridging that gap to success for our athletes and communities involved.”

The Good Nrgy program is rooted in the idea of diversity and inclusion, and in order to live in harmony we must understand we are no one without everyone. Sport intertwined with mental health programs, creates a deeper understanding of our purpose, that breeds feelings of acceptance and awareness. We want our communities to know that unity is the way of the GOOD and NRGY is the language of the universe.

Meet The Team

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Gerald Colds

Founder | CEO

Head Coach & Skills Trainer


Steve Butler

Middle School Director

"Select Teams"

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