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Fall AAU is a prerequiste season preparing our high schoolatletes for their perspective varsity seasos. Our goal is to instill and educate our athletes with the qualities and habits that will make them mentally and physically equipped to excel on and off the court. We want to develop a culture of winning, rooted in integrity, hard work, persistence, and consistency. 


What separates the average from the Elite is mindset! In sport, mindset is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of performing at a high level. Training the mind from an average state to elite status is the same as training the body at the gym. Having the desire and willpower is the first step in the right direction of accessing elite status. The elites believe that everything there is to learn about this game is an opportunity to reach stardom. Given the right strategy and enough time, reaching goals are possible and most definitely attainable. These elite athlete stay commited to the cause they make little to no excuses and they do not give up. 

We are pursuing and fighting for our athletes to gain knowledge while gaining maximum exposure to prep schools and college programs alike. To do so we must compete at the highest level all across the region for the chance to compete in the midst of D1, D2, D3, and Junior Colleges.

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